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ARS/Rescue Rooter Raleigh

Face it. Your expectations and reality are never the same. When it comes to household service, those expectations are rarely reached. American Rescue Services/Rescue Rooter is changing the standard by raising the bar for service across the state of North Carolina.

The Raleigh-Durham (NC) location started as Metro Heating and Air. ARS/Rescue Rooter later purchased Metro Heating and Air after being named 1997 national contractor of the year. Today, the nationwide franchise has 70 operations across 24 states.

The new name brought additional services to to the company including efficient attic systems, plumbing, and drain cleaning. David Dombrowski, general manager, welcomed me into the Raleigh headquarters to discuss the ARS/Rescue Rooter philosophy.

“We are a quality focused professional group,” Dombrowski stated. “We spend a tremendous amount of time training. We have a whole trust commitment that we teach our technicians. If you focus on the customers first, then it is a win-win situation. It allows us to do what is in the best interest of the customer.”

The quality focus starts with technicians doing any job right - the first time. Open 24 hours a day seven days a week, the franchise has multiple locations in North Carolina and over 600 locations nationwide. ARS/Rescue Rooter always has a live person to answer the phone to respond to your needs, regardless of time of day.

The live response allows ARS/Rescue Rooter to conveniently schedule service for the customer. Once the call is scheduled, you will receive a call before the technician arrives at your property and a quality check call once the service is complete. ARS/Rescue Rooter utilizes flat-rate pricing to offer an honest, upfront estimate before performing any work. The principle also allows more time for technicians to share information with customers.

“It is our goal to educate,” Dombrowski explained. “The homeowner typically will not know what is out there. We are very engineering focused. We want the customer to be aware of new technology and how to generate more efficiencies. We look at our role as educators, along with being professional tradesman.”

The company stands behind their work with a two-year satisfaction guarantee. As a representative of Home Depot, ARS/Rescue Rooter displays heating and air conditioning products in stores across the country. What the customer might not know is the franchise’s adoption to the latest industry technology.

Dombrowski spoke first hand about those systems, “in my house I have a Honeywell thermostats right now and I can sit here on my iPad to adjust the temperature. You can now take your thermostat with you.”

In addition to industry technology, Dombrowski and ARS/Rescue Rooter employ mobile devices and GPS systems to keep in constant communication with colleagues and customers. The nationwide franchise also utilizes DriveCam, a video-based solution for driver safety.

“DriveCam is a wonderful piece of technology,” Dombrowski elaborated. “A camera is is always recording outside and inside the vehicle. Whenever there is a 1G force incident, it locks in and sends the data to our office. We evaluate the recordings and use that in coaching. It has decreased our accident rate and made a major improvement in our operations.”

It’s not the philosophy that differentiates ARS/Rescue Rooter. It is how the franchise always does right by the customer. Raising the bar and exceeding expectations.