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It’s all relative. Before a prospective customer cares about your product or service, a connection must be made. ServiceMaster Restoration Cleaning connects with customers through building a rapport.

Started by business partners Greg Luce and Ryan Basiliere in 2005, ServiceMaster Restoration Cleaning restores and cleans property. The Durham, NC location properly replaces or repairs a home or business from water or fire damage, mold, biohazard and sewage backflows. Luce joined me to detail the how his company builds a rapport.

“We care about our customers,” Luce confirmed. “Our crew is young and energetic. We are always looking for a way to reduce the impact of a disaster or event. Whether the loss of use from property, cost from an insurance company or waste of materials.”

As a licensed general contracting firm, ServiceMaster fixes and replaces damaged walls, floors or other structures. The company works 24 hours a day seven days a week. ServiceMaster strives to keep up with an industry that is forever evolving.

“It is extremely important for us to stay on top of what is changing in the industry,” answered Luce. “We pride ourselves on state of the art products and equipment. And our company is always working state of the art training.”

ServiceMaster turns ordinary tasks into extraordinary service. The franchise invests in a commitment to training and industry standard products. ServiceMaster features a patented Capture and Removal Cleaning system and certified Quality Restoration Vendors to professional handle any needs.

“In this business, you have to establish a rapport,” Luce contested. “A difficult event has happened for our customers. First and foremost, we show we care. We mitigate further damage and take whatever steps we can to minimize loss through our products, training and equipment.”

Luce and crew cover the Triangle (NC) and will travel as far as necessary for customers. Communication is vital for ServiceMaster. Luce added how the company stays in contact, “mobile technology gives us a better opportunity to capture information. It is useful and easier to respond with devices in our hand.”

ServiceMaster restores a lot. One thing they don’t need to restore is rapport. It’s already built because ServiceMaster cares about you and your property.