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Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service Inc.

Find what you are looking for? It is a common question we all face. The answer for customers of Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service (FESS) is a resounding yes. Plus more.

Headquartered in Morrisville, NC, FESS provides a wide range of services for any commercial business. Founded in 1955, Paul Baird started the business as Commercial Pest Control Company. The Baird family later expanded services to offer carpet cleaning and hood cleaning tailored for restaurants.

Today, the business branches in four locations across the Old North State - Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Asheboro and Morrisville, NC. Chief Financial Officer, Ryan Willoughby welcomed me into the FESS headquarters to further explain the company’s experience.

“We provide a top level of customer service,” Willoughby confirmed. “As a company, we are bonded and insured. Our technicians have the experience to handle any problems and get to your location as quick as possible. We cover a wide service area across several locations.”

In addition to North Carolina, FESS is licensed in South Carolina and Virginia. Each branch specializes in hand portable fire extinguisher applications and fire supression systems. FESS provides inspections and repairs for fire sprinklers, exit and emergency lights, clean agent systems and pest services.

“We work with code enforcement officials and leading manufacturers,” Willoughby continued. “FESS is an ANSUL distributor and a sub-contractor for Captive Aire. Inspections are usually every six months. It is very important to protect our customers with the right code requirements.”

As members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED), FESS advises all customers on proper protocols to mitigate risk. You can find helpful information on all fire equipment and a guide on how to use an extinguisher.

FESS offers fire protection for restaurants, computer rooms, spray booths, industrial spray painting and cooking, and Haz-Mat storage. The staff of technicians is on-call 24 hours a day seven days a week. To cover a wide service area and handle time sensitive demands, FESS takes advantage of mobile technology.

Willoughby added, “everyone has smart phone. It allows us to have enough flexibility to respond quickly for our customers and work more efficiently.”

FESS owns over 60 years of experience in protecting and satisfying customers.