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Busse’s Lock Service

A business can start anywhere. A garage, basement or back porch. Yes, even the back porch. This is exactly where Busse’s Lock Service started over 30 years ago.

Since 1982, Busse’s Lock Service has been a fixture in Raleigh, NC. As pioneers in the industry, the company provides several services for home and business owners. From access control, safes and vaults, residential, commercial or industrial security - Busse’s Lock Service can handle the job.

Laura Busse and dispatcher Steve Youmans welcomed Jason and I into their Raleigh retail store to detail the history of the company. Laura explained, “my father started the company on the back porch as a hobby. Before he retired, my mother had grown it into a business. All of us are life members of the North Carolina Locksmith Association (NCLA).”

Busse’s Lock Service is active in the industry. As members of the NCLA and the North Carolina Locksmithing Licensing Board (NCLLB), the Busse family strives to educate and teach others about the trade. In an industry tarnished by scam practices, a company like Busse’s Lock Service is vital.

“Our staff has broad experience of over 100 plus years,” identified Busse. “We’ve built a strong reputation through our involvement in the industry. Another way we stand out is by having our own retail store. You can come here and get the service or parts you need.”

The mission of Busse’s Lock Service is to inform customers on what is available in the industry. On the company’s website, you can find a glossary of terms and helpful links on what to look for in a credible locksmith. The several affiliations reflect how Busse’s Lock Service stays ahead on changes across the trade.

“Technology and specialization have really changed our industry,” Busse added. “Our business has evolved a lot over time. You have to invest time in training to keep up.”

As the locksmith business adapts to technology, both Busse and Youmans are aware of the benefits in their own operations. All technicians carry smartphones to easily stay in communication with the office and to document work through photos.

“The mobile technology offers so many advantages,” Youmans confirmed. “A photo can allow us to identify and locate parts quickly from out in the field. It keeps us connected.”

As the industry and trade change, Busse’s Lock Service remains Raleigh’s premier locksmith service.