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A customer wants to know why are you here and how you can help. As a business, your employees must be able to communicate that answer. All-American Heating & Air Conditioning takes pride in educating customers and delivering value.

Founded 12 years ago, All American is a full-service heating & air conditioning company located in Raleigh, NC. The mission of All American is to satisfy customers through integrity and good values. Lead service technician, Librado, welcomed me into his office to educate me about All American.

“It starts and stops with custom heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance,” Librado stated. “All American works to keep systems at maximum efficiency and prevent breakdowns. Between those two we focus on indoor air quality.”

Certified through Progress Energy’s Home Energy Improvement Program, Librado and his staff own several years of experience in the heating and air conditioning industry. All American is a Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer and services all major brands. The goal is to inform customers through preventative maintenance agreements and other helpful tips.

“There are so many ways to help a customer save money,” Librado declared. “It is really about educating them about what is available to them. At the end of the day every customer wants the same thing. Everyone wants to be treated with respect. A customer wants to know what is out there and how we can help.”

All technicians at All American are certified by North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and frequently trained. The continuous training is not limited to repairing, installing and servicing equipment, but also how to interact with customers.

Librado added, “we do role play with our technicians to teach them how to communicate customers. The more informed a customer is about what is out there, the better we are doing our job.”

All American expanded services over the years to offer geothermal and other services. Learn more at the virtual showroom. The company easily shows home and business owners the benefits of these systems through answering questions online. And as members of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), you can trust All American.

Librado and his staff put new mobile technologies to use to cover the Triangle (NC) and surrounding areas. Each technician is equipped with an iPad to receive job information, navigate between calls and take photos.

Librado verified, “it eliminates time on the phone between the office and allows us to still stay connected. It is easier to communicate and share information. It is good for the customer and company.”

You know why All American is here and how they can help. The honest HVAC company is built on education and communication.