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Bauman Electrical And Mechanical Company, Inc.

Never put all your eggs in one basket. The old saying can be applied to many aspects of life and business. If followed correctly, the adage can lead to success by encouraging one to look at more than a singular option or opportunity. As a long time businessman, Bob Bauman has used a diversified approach to build his company.

Since 1987, Bauman Electrical And Mechanical Company, Inc. (BEAMCo) has been solving problems for your home or business. The Chapel Hill, NC based company has four technical divisions - heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and refrigeration. BEAMCo features a dynamic fleet of speciality vehicles and a highly-trained crew of technicians to handle any type of project.

Bauman has worked as a contractor for nearly a half-century. He served in the military as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army Corps of Engineers and later retired as a full colonel. He also worked for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the national air pollution division out of Research Triangle Park. Bauman welcomed me into his office to explain how his diverse background fuels his multi-faceted business.

“The EPA, government and my military service allowed me to get an insight into a way to run companies,” Bauman expounded. “From a management aspect I learned a lot. I worked as a civilian scientist in the Air Force and my work with the EPA has taken me all over the world. My last assignment was helping clean up air pollution in the Grand Canyon.”

BEAMCo does not just provide service for your home or business, by strives to build lasting friendships with all customers. Bauman chooses to do very little advertising, knowing that his customers are his best reference for new business. The long-standing relationships with customers in the Orange County (NC) and surrounding areas derive from several types of life support services.

“The biggest difference is we have an interdisciplinary approach,” Bauman stated. “We solve a lot of management problems. For a builder who needs to employ a lot of trades, he can call BEAMCo because we can do it all. Everyone is cross-trained. An electrician can do heating and cooling work, and a plumber can do electrical work.”

As seasoned veterans in the industry, BEAMCo is well-aware of the importance of communication. Bauman and his staff do not rely on one piece of technology, but make use of smart phones, GPS and cloud-based systems to achieve efficiencies. For example, BEAMCo uses Dropbox to share job site photos and proposals for new jobs to easily stay organized.

“The mobile technology allows us to anticipate problems and increase our efficiency,” said Bauman. “In the past, one of my frustrations is we weren’t as prepared as we could be. We would make runs to our warehouse without knowing we needed to go back a day or two later for more parts. Technology keeps us more organized and connected.”

BEAMCo has been satisfying customers for over 25 years. Never put all your eggs in one basket. And with an interdisciplinary approach, Bauman and his business have several options and opportunities to continue to satisfy customers for the next 25 years too.