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Alexander Exterminating Company Inc.

There is no substitute for experience. And Alexander Exterminating has plenty of it. For over half a century, the family run business has provided pest control and wildlife management services to the entire state of North Carolina.

Founded in 1959, Hubert G. Alexander and his wife Janet, built Alexander Exterminating on providing prompt, efficient service at a fair price. Today, owner Vincent J. Nolfo and his professionally trained staff exceed customer expectations through that same philosophy.

“Our experience and knowledge differentiates us,” Nolfo verified. “It is a family atmosphere and we treat our employees like family. We have very little turnover and the majority of our technicians has worked here for many years.”

Alexander Exterminating works to mitigate indoor problems from roach, termite, mice or mold. For outdoor issues, the family-run operation features a trained Wildlife Damage Control Agent. Regardless of the situation, Nolfo and his diverse staff deliver thorough service by sharing valuable information.

“It all starts with educating the customer,” confirmed Nolfo. “We take an integrated approach and use all the tools at our disposal to control the issue. It’s important to identify and know the cause of every problem. Preventative maintenance is another opportunity to educate and avoid further issues.”

Alexander Exterminating utilizes a six-step Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution for any indoor or outdoor scenario. The detailed process includes a corrective short-term solution and a preventative long-term solution. The pest industry is always evolving and Alexander Exterminating is there every step of the way.

“The regulations by the state change each year,” Nolfo continued. “Applications rates can change because of the environment or different pests are building a resistance. As a staff, we are part of several different associations. We constantly meet to anticipate the needs of our customers.”

Nolfo encourages you to submit questions or concerns via their website. Alexander Exterminating even offers free insect lectures to public, private and home schools as yet another reflection of their mission to spread knowledge.

To enhance the tradition of prompt and efficient service, Alexander Exterminating makes use of mobile technology. With a service area spanning the entire Old North State, Nolfo implements GPS devices on all of his service vehicles. He added, “it helps our technicians with directions to their next location. It keeps track of our time on each job and reduces our expense on gas.”

In the ever-changing pest and wildlife industry, experience matters. Let the 50 plus years of Alexander Exterminating work for you.