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Junk Doctors

In the summer of 2011, Lee Godbold reached a crossroads. His pickup truck combined with climbing gas prices was no longer cost-effective. Either sell the truck or take advantage of it. The Cary, NC, native posted flyers offering to simply pick up and haul people’s junk. And the rest is history.

Godbold’s idea blossomed into Junk Doctors, a full-service junk removal company. Godbold partnered with Christian Fowler and together the pair has grown the idea into a full-scale operation. The crew provides professional service for home and business owners in the Triangle (NC) and surrounding areas.

“A lot of people do not know junk removal is a service,” Godbold admitted. “We use our local ties and tailor our website to spread the word about our service. Removing junk is usually a stressful and complicated process, our goal is to change that.”

As a former stock car driver and long-time pilot, Godbold knows a thing or two about transportation. A customer can face several challenges when needing to get rid of clutter. The manpower to actually move the items, a vehicle to fit all of the junk and where to take the items. Junk Doctors eliminates all of those challenges.

“The process is simple for our customers,” presented Godbold. “You can give us a call or use our online booking system to schedule an appointment. We provide an estimate upfront based on the amount of junk. We call ahead, then load and haul your junk.”

The junk can range from refrigerators to shingles or tile to old electronics. After the pickup is complete, Junk Doctors recycles 60 percent of all the items hauled. The crew offers an interactive service cost estimator to give customers an idea of pricing before confirming the a free onsite estimate.

“What we are all about is making it an easy and fun experience,” Godbold added. “We love getting to know and interacting with our customers. We recycle and donate a lot of the items we pick up to Goodwill. Each month and year we give away prizes to give back to our customers.”

Junk Doctors engages customers through rewards and timely content. A First Aid Prize Bag is awarded by a drawing of all customers from that month. The winner receives a $100 gift card to the Angus Barn. You can even win a Caribbean Cruise with airfare for two at the end of each year.

As an emerging business, Junk Doctors adopted mobile technology to accommodate same-day service and reach a wide service area. Each truck is equipped with an iPad and every staff member has smart phone. Godbold elaborated, “an iPad houses our checklists for each job and devices help us schedule in real-time. It keeps us engaged with each other and our customers.”

Need a remedy to remove all that junk? Junk Doctors has just the prescription.