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Converted a Fad into a Reality - Phoenix Resources Recycling
Phoenix Resources Recycling

Fads and trends. One is short-lived and the other lasts. Eventually, the ideas fade or transform into the standard. As a leading force in the industry, Phoenix Resources Recycling has helped recycling evolve into a responsibility.

Founded in 1989 by Jonathan Bograd, Phoenix Resources Recycling offers collection and drop-off services for the Triangle (NC) and surrounding areas. In addition, the company provides document destruction and free delivery of recycled paper for home and business owners. Bograd invited me into his Raleigh, NC office to explain how the recycling industry has changed over the last 24 years.

“When I started there was no opportunity for commercial or residential folks to recycle,” Bograd compared. “I wanted to change that. I was working at the Irregardless Cafe off Morgan Street. Our owner, Arthur Gordon, was receptive to the idea of letting me recycle his bottles and cardboard. And that is how it started.”

From its infancy, Phoenix Resources Recycling and Bograd’s main objective was to make recycling part of the everyday life of a home and business owner. As a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), the company takes the necessary steps to make sure you confidential material is managed properly.

“Recycling changed from a fad to something we do not even think about anymore,” illustrated Bograd. “We are always out to make the customer more aware and responsible. We have seen a shift towards office waste management. Security has always been a priority of ours, protecting sensitive information or intellectual property.”

Phoenix Resources Recycling makes it easy for a two-person or 100 person office to recycle. Bograd and his staff provide several different types of containers, from large bins to lock containers, free of charge for any size business. The local company can handle a one-time purge request or schedule regular service for on-site or off-site document destruction.

Each bale of paper is transported to a paper mill and all materials are purposed for reuse across the world. Phoenix Resources is open to the public at its drop-off center Wednesday through Friday, from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm. Each customer can view his materials being shredded or recycled, and the company provides certifications of destruction.

As the industry evolved, Bograd detailed how mobile technology has increased efficiency. Bograd elaborated, “routes can change during the middle of the day and through a call or text we can quickly adjust our schedule. There are so many variables to a specific route and there is no substitute for getting out in the field. Knowing where to go, who to contact and all those details are made easier through technology.”

Phoenix Resources Recycling aims to help you or your business responsibly manage your confidential and recyclable material. And that is not a fad or trend. It is a necessary reality.