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There is more than one way to grow a business. You can increase the sales team, offer more features or embrace social media. The easiest path? For the last 15 years, Shimar Recycling has expanded by delivering quality service to their existing customers.

Meredith Marley, Will Marley and Larry Shively connected to inherit the commercial recycling department of Durham, NC company SunShares Recycling. In 1997, the trio founded Shimar Recycling to provide recycling solutions for business in the Triangle (NC) and surrounding areas. Will Marley welcomed me into their Durham facility to summarize the mission of Shimar Recycling.

“We focus on our customers,” Marley validated. “We were fortunate to inherit a small base of customers in 1997 and we expanded through word of mouth. It is our quality of service. Our mission is to provide professional and affordable collection services for institutions and businesses in this area.”

Shimar uses a friendly approach to service clients across the Triangle. Acting as a recycling coordinator, Marley and his staff keep customers on the cutting edge of waste reduction practices. The goal is to help customers contribute to sustaining the environment and community.

“Our mainstay is business recycling,” emphasized Marley. “We can handle everything that a business produces. We are always trying to stay on the pulse of what companies need. We are willing to do things other companies are not willing to do.”

The Durham company is a true advocate for all customers. Shimar answers frequently asked questions and provides transparency of items that the company can recycle. From glass to plastic bottles to batteries or other electronics, Shimar even offers onsite waste assessments based on what your business generates.

Listening to the needs of the area, Marley and his staff provide onsite, offsite or drop-off paper shredding services. Bonded and insured, Shimar issues each customer a certification of destruction upon completion. The company also utilizes a machine to densify styrofoam to manage the waste of several labs in Research Triangle Park.

“It is just one more thing we can do to help businesses,” said Marley. “We educate our customers constantly. Shimar has the ability to provide reports for businesses about the amount of materials recycled to show the return on investment.”

Shimar is not only always looking for ways to improve efficiency for customers, but as growing operation themselves. Marley is cognizant of the benefits of mobile technology, “there are so many variables that can go into scheduling. Technology can help us stay organized and remain in communication.”

A champion for waste management and reduction, Shimar Recycling uses its industry knowledge to provide quality and reliable service for customers.