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A century ago, Francis A. Bartlett followed his curiosity for plant health by experimenting with trees on a private farm. The research fueled the growth of one of the largest tree care companies in the world. Bartlett Tree Experts is a scientific leader in tree and landscape management.

Bartlett founded the company in 1907 on the foundation that America’s Trees are Worth Saving. Over the years, Bartlett Tree Experts has expanded to locations across 28 different states and international presences in England, Ireland and Canada.

The Old North State features the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories in Charlotte, NC and an office in Raleigh, NC. I sat down with our own local ISA Certified Arborist, Bryan Lowrance, to learn more about the tree experts.

“We take a scientific approach to helping others,” answered Lowrance. “We help solve people’s problems. Safety, professionalism and knowledge separate Bartlett Tree Experts from other companies.”

The Raleigh, NC office covers the Triangle (NC) to Greenville, NC to Brunswick County, NC. Bartlett Tree Experts provides pruning, cabling, lighting protection, removal for trees. The plant health division offers insect, disease and soil management for residential and commercial customers. The scientific approach allows the company to deliver species specific guidance to customers.

“Our research facility in Charlotte is state of the art,” Lowrance confirmed. “We have a 350 acre arboretum to experiment and research different types of practices. We are on the cutting-edge of a natural programs to maintain health of plants and trees.”

Bartlett Tree Experts is a pioneer in alternative products and methods for integrated pest management. A reflection of the commitment to using environmentally sustainable products and equipment is the company’s approval from the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) on certain products, like BOOST Natural Fertilizer.

Safety is a number one priority for Bartlett Tree Experts. Crewmembers and representatives attend meetings twice a week and trainings bi-monthly for safety protocols. The research lab allows new arborist representatives to gain a first-hand experience in the field.

To effectively manage domestic and international customers, Bartlett Tree Experts makes use of emerging technologies. Each arborist representative travels with a laptop and printer to handle the needs of customers. Lowrance continued, “we are a client driven company. We are a partner for our customers and having all that customer history readily available is a big advantage.”

Thanks a scientific approach and research the company is entering its second century of remarkable service. Bartlett Tree Experts is the originator of scientific tree care.