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Safety Express Courier

It is nice when things easily fit into your schedule. But what happens when they don’t? A sense of urgency is required. For over 70 years, Safety Express Courier has specialized in shipping critical items anytime and anywhere.

Started in 1941, Safety Express Courier has been serving regional and national clients from the Raleigh, NC headquarters. From humble beginnings, the premier same-day delivery service has grown through its depth of experience. Operations manager Lee Ann Whitesides brought me behind the scenes of the immediate response courier service.

“We have built relationships client by client,” Whitesides replied. “Our consistency has established those relationships. Our drivers are certified, reliable and able to pick up items on time and deliver them on time. We also store parts and pieces at our warehouse for clients.”

Safety Express Courier client-base is heavily concentrated in the medical industry. The critical items carried are true emergencies. A typical job could include organ transportation, prescriptions, MRI or X-Rays and blood samples. The company also serves legal, financial, veterinary or any other miscellaneous needs.

At their Raleigh warehouse, Safety Express Couriers stores finished goods inventory and spare parts. The courier provides just-in-time delivery or allows clients to utilize the accessible dock at their warehouse to directly pick up the items.

“We are very respectful of time,” Whitesides stressed. “All of our work is time sensitive. It needs to be picked up by a specific time and delivered by a certain time. We know it is important. Our respect for the client makes a difference it getting the job done.”

The emergency courier covers North Carolina and out of state ground pickup and deliveries. Safety Express Courier is open 24 hours a day seven days a week to handle any client demands. Drivers and dispatchers rotate around the clock to satisfy customers.

As customers rely on Safety Express Courier, the local courier depends on mobile technology. Each employee owns a smartphone to remain in constant communication with dispatchers.

“Our technology is a life saver,” Whitesides explained. “Everyday you get a puzzle when you come in to dispatch. All day long you communicate to move the pieces around to fit and work most efficiently as you possibly can. Our technology is critical to our workflow.”

Safety Express Courier brings experience, safety and reliability to clients through a sense of urgency that they depend on.