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Pro-San Maintenance Supply Inc.

We do not like change. It’s human nature. We like things that we are used to. Things we know. We look to replicate positive experiences and avoid negative ones. Longtime business owner Michael Overby knows we like consistency.

In 1990, Overby founded Pro-San Maintenance Supply, a full-service distributor of building maintenance products. With a wealth of experience in the janitorial supply industry; Overby has the ability to put the pieces together for customers. He invited me into his Durham, NC store to specify the services of Pro-San.

“I grew up in the industry,” cited Overby. “I’ve worked in different aspects from manufacturing to distribution. Pro-San services all of the Triangle (NC) with a diverse customer-base. Quality and service differentiate us from other companies.”

Pro-San takes the approach of an advisor and consultant to its customers. Every company is different and there are a tremendous amount of variables that go into janitorial supplies. The friendly role allows Pro-San to develop strong and lasting relationships with customers.

“Our goal is to maintain consistency with our customers,” Overby confirmed. “If they are buying a specific product that is what we are going to deliver next time. We are not going to provide something different because it is more expensive or cheaper. We make recommendations based on the specific needs of a company.”

As a reflection of the helpful approach, Overby and his staff support customers with on-site training and answers to frequently asked questions and resources. Pro-San believes in informing customers of new technologies in the cleaning industry.

Pro-San delivers supplies that include products for food service, safety, rest room or industrial packaging. The deliveries can be made daily, weekly or monthly based on the requirements of the customer. Pro-San even offers repairs to vacuums or other equipment it provides for customers.

“Our clients make use of our online catalog to view products,” Overby added. “We want to be accessible for them. Customers also can see real-time account information through our system. Smaller companies or the general public can purchase products from our storefront here in Durham.”

To keep up with the demand of customers, Pro-San has implemented GPS technologies to streamline operations. Overby believes, “it makes a difference to optimize our routes. It can save money for fuel and allow for more efficient services.”

Pro-San customers are loyal. Why? Over and over again, Overby and his staff consistently find quality solutions.