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Turftenders Landscaping Services

To view things with a different perspective often serves as a catalyst for creativity. The level of flexible thinking leads to new innovative ideas in business. With a contrasting outlook on landscaping, Steve Hill brought that vision to reality at Turftenders Landscaping Services.

For over 30 years, Turftenders has been providing award-winning design, installation, construction and maintenance to home and business owners from the Triangle to Lake Gaston (NC). Hill purchased the company in 1996 and brought a fresh viewpoint to the company.

The longevity of Turftenders allows the business to be able to anticipate the unique needs of every customer. Hill is a clear believer in surrounding himself with strong employees. As a registered landscaping contractor, the Turftenders staff is committed to outstanding customer service and satisfaction.

“Our highly technical staff is what separates us from other businesses,” Hill affirmed. “We can give you a more educated approach. Our staff features five or more people with horticulture or landscaping degrees.”

Hill has built relationships with several commercial clients through his experienced staff. The company utilizes its membership to the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) to expand services. Turftenders offers lawn maintenance for Homeowners Associations, apartment complexes, offices, townhomes and condominiums.

An example of the staff’s educated approach is a horticultural calendar of what customers can expect throughout the year. The only landscaping company in the area to offer an outdoor showroom, Turftenders welcomes customers to view a living portfolio of the company’s breadth of experience.

“We are very unique in how we want customers to experience our work,” Hill emphasized. “I realized landscaping is a luxury item. If you buy furniture or a new car, you go to a gallery or showroom. It was on the first things I wanted to bring to the business.”

Hill’s vision evolved into featuring several new products and experimenting with new offerings for customers. The showroom also serves as an outdoor classroom for home or business owners to hone their own landscaping skills.

Hill makes the case, “we have 300 or more varieties of plant material right outside our building. Instead of showing photos, it allows us to provide more specific examples of the quality work we do. It is a big advantage for us.”

Turftenders adoption of new technology is a reflection of that revolutionary mindset. Hill and his account managers implemented GPS systems and see the direct benefit of mobile technology.

“In our line of work everything is dependent on the weather and climate,” Hill clarified. “We recognize the shift towards mobile technology and how it can create efficiency for our operations.”

Hill is a businessman who got into landscaping, not the other way around. His different perspective combined with the right resources is a recipe for a thriving business. Just like Turftenders Landscaping Services.