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Driven to Go The Extra Mile - B & T Expedite & Delivery Service
B & T Expedite & Delivery Service

Self-starter. Doer. Go-Getter. Enough with the buzz words. It’s about results. Bernard Thaxton is driven to deliver. After starting out of his house 12 years ago, Thaxton has transformed his vision into a thriving courier business, B & T Expedite & Delivery Service.

Since 2000, Thaxton has specializing in stat courier services, same-day rush deliveries, routine scheduling and light warehousing. B & T Expedite & Delivery Service aims to please the customer through prompt, convenient and safe service.

“Anything someone wants to move from point A to point B we can handle,” Thaxton responded. “I started doing everything from odd jobs to errands to rush deliveries. I went the extra mile and once people saw how we operated, it grew our company.”

To handle customer’s materials, Thaxton makes use of a fleet of vehicles from cargo vans to small box trucks. B & T welcomes clients to use their tractor trailer accessible loading dock for items that cannot be delivered downtown. Thaxton and his staff have the ability to house the freight or break down the items to deliver.

“We focus on a 100-mile radius around Raleigh and can even stretch out of the state,” noted Thaxton. “It could be anything from legal documents to blueprints to medical supplies. For larger items, we help large trailers who have trouble getting in and out of the city.”

B & T takes pride in being one of the only courier services in the area to stat deliver items in one hour or less. Thaxton can depend on a crew of full-time employees, who work around the clock five days a week. In addition, B & T is certified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to pick up and deliver package directly to the airport and beyond.

Always on the go, B & T realized early in the evolution of his company that he needed a custom solution to satisfy customers. Thaxton connected with a friend to implement a web-based system for customers to directly log in and submit requests. The system requires Thaxton and his staff to take advantage of mobile technologies.

“A few of our jobs are pre-scheduled, but a lot come sporadically throughout the day,” Thaxton uncovered. “We developed a system to give our customers a convenient way to submit work orders and view invoices. It is always evolving, now we can create jobs and invoices.”

Each driver of B & T has a smart phone to interface with the system. The application allows Thaxton to dispatch jobs to directly to his crew and customers the ability to track packages.

“I recognized the power of a mobile solution for his drivers,” he pointed out. “It was a very tedious process, but it has really transformed our business. We tried to make everything as convenient as possible. For our employees, office staff and customers.”

The drive to go the extra mile propelled B & T Expedite & Delivery Service into the fastest courier on land. And his satisfied customers agree.