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Validated that Actions Speak Louder than Words - Gutterglove of NC
Gutterglove of North Carolina

Actions speak louder than words. All service companies know the right things to say to the customer. But how you back up that message with your actions is what tells the story. For a seasoned veteran in the industry, Ricky Stroup knows how to prove a high level of customer service.

Started in 2005, Gutterglove of North Carolina is the oldest and most experienced dealer of Gutterglove on the East Coast. As owner and operator, Stroup and his company serve home and business owners across the North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. I sat down with Stroup to learn more about the Gutterglove technology and company’s value.

“Our products contain stainless steel micromesh and anodized aluminum frame,” Stroup described. “We provide a group of options, including Gutterglove Pro, Ultra, Icebreaker and LeafBlaster. Our products were ranked Number 1 by Consumer Reports.”

Each one of the Gutterglove products uses the latest technology to block debris and eliminate cleaning forever for home and business owners. The product speaks for itself, but the services of the company confirm why customers rave about it. Gutterglove of North Carolina uses a value system and approach that revolves around treating customers how they would like to be treated.

“We build a relationships with our customers,” Stroup stated. “We stand behind our work. I hope we show people we are polite, kind, and attentive and we listen. We try to prove that throughout the process and demonstrate why customers can trust us.”

The company’s installation process reflects that value system for the customer. Home or business owners receive a free estimate before choosing which product to install. Each Gutterglove crew is certified by the manufacturer to ensure proper care to your home or building.

“If someone invites us into their home, we take off our shoes,” explained Stroup. “We want to show respect to their home right way. Every installer is attentive and understands the importance of trust. After a relationship is built, we inform customers we can provide other home improvement services.”

Gutterglove of NC products transfer nicely into working with rainwater systems to preserve water for customers. The environmentally friendly initiative reduces dependence on city water supply at a low-cost. In addition, the company’s work features a basket of home improvement services ranging from windows to siding to deck construction to drainage piping.

To stay organized and build relationships with home and business owners, Gutterglove of NC utilizes mobile technologies and customer relationship management tools. Stroup added, “It is important to understand what the customer values and what is their motivation. We capture all of our information for a quote and share it with our customer. A CRM tool allows us to further prove our service to the customer.”

If you don’t believe actions speak louder than words, give Ricky Stroup a call. Gutterglove of NC offers a revolutionary product and backs in it up with remarkable service.