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Smart Courier Inc.

The real deal. In business or life, we are always seeking it and we can usually recognize it. Nabih Kadri found it by building his business on three principles. Understand. Communicate. Deliver. This recipe has generated unmatched success for Kadri and Smart Courier Inc.

Since 2002, Smart Courier specializes in unattended day and night deliveries across North Carolina, South Carolina and the entire Southeast. The company has a dedicated network, transporting goods for customers with over a quarter million stops a year. Kadri welcomed me into the center of his operations in Raleigh to further explain the services of Smart Courier.

“We are the real thing,” Kadri announced. “We are passionate about what we do. We understand, communicate and deliver. When you accept to do your work, we have a thorough understanding of all your needs.”

Kadri believes in treating customers like family, which is reflected in the atmosphere at Smart Courier. An open-line of communication between employees and customers is necessary in a dynamic business. In addition, Smart Courier has processes in place to handle any disruptions smoothly.

“In life or business, if you have a plan in place 90-95 percent of time things work out,” declared Kadri. “We manage that five to ten percent variable. We plan, implement and account for the final result. We do what it takes to get it done the right way. That is what makes us special.”

The right way involves making use of a dedicated fleet of delivery drivers. To handle any urgent needs, Kadri and his staff work around the clock to guarantee delivery of time sensitive materials by 8 a.m. the next day.

The fleet of vehicles ranges from tractor trailers to trucks to cargo vans. The customer base of the company includes aftermarket automotive parts, mail consolidators, industrial supplies and pharmaceuticals. As the largest unattended delivery network in the region, Smart Courier implements a conjunctive routing schedule to create efficiency.

With several years of experience, Kadri has seen major technological advancements in the industry. Kadri added the benefits of new systems; “it allows us to track each delivery. It gives us an advantage to efficiently capture all information. We are easily alerted to any problems. Our response time, both in the field and office, is quicker.”

So what exactly is Smart Courier Inc. delivering? Well it could be anything from an important document to a special auto part to fix your vehicle. All I know is . . . it’s the real thing.