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Shaped a Plan for Customer Loyalty - Berico Fuels
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A loyal customer is one actively using your product or service. The rest are just random customers. You never know if they are coming back, unless you have a plan. Berico Fuels has a plan for loyalty. And customers agree.

After speaking with Berico Fuels’ partner, Alamance Oil Company, I knew the conglomerate valued each and every customer. It is no surprise; Berico Fuels lives by the motto “Always Dependable” and has since its inception in 1924. Part of the family, operations manager Will Berry, welcomed me into the Greensboro, NC office to detail the proof behind that motto.

“We take pride in our customer service,” said Berry. “What you are going to find here is we are going over and beyond to deliver that service. Whether in the middle of night or on Christmas day, we are always on call.”

Berico Fuels delivers a variety of products for customers that include propane, home heating oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, gasoline, and motor oil. The family-owned company also runs a wholesale company, Gateco Oil, to transport fuels for commercial customers throughout the Triad (NC).

Berico Fuels heating and cooling department is a one-stop shop for services, sales, maintenance and installations. The skilled technicians can perform work on furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, and all types of HVAC equipment.

The department offers free energy audits and service agreements that are designed to save the customer money. Berico Fuels even gives out extra perks to reward loyal customers, as another great example of the always dependable motto.

“We are always going to do what is right by the customer,” added Berry. “We have a customer loyalty program built into our Comfort and Service Protection Plans. Every year you are on a service plan, you receive $50 of credit or bonus bucks. Customers can use that credit towards repairs or replacements as well.”

Berry and his staff of technicians serve residential and commercial customers spanning a large service area from Eden to High Point to Burlington (NC) areas. The plan to build loyalty involves showing up at the right time and catering to a home or business owner. Berico Fuels makes use of different types of mobile technology to always stay in contact with employees and customers.

“A GPS system gives us the power to communicate more effectively,” Berry expounded. “When a customer calls in, tracking our vehicles allows us to quickly determine the right technician for the next job. We are able to manage payroll and log the hours of each technician.”

If Berico Fuels is always dependable, their customers are always loyal. And that’s been the plan since 1924.