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Continuous learning is a requirement for the future of any individual or business. To grow and evolve, every profession demands new skills and knowledge to perform up to industry standards. By embracing that mindset, Piedmont Service Group has set the standard in the service industry for over 42 years.

Founded by Larry and Buddy Kelly, the company started as Piedmont Air Conditioning in 1971. After 40 years of superior customer service, today Piedmont Service Group is a recognized leader in design, construction and maintenance of HVAC and energy solutions. Across the Carolinas and Virginia, the industry leaders solve problems for corporate, institutional and commercial customers.

As a part of Service Logic, one of the largest HVAC and Energy/Mechanical Service companies in the country, Piedmont Service Group has the resources to serve any needs of their clients. Scott Gugenheim, Certified Energy Manager and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, welcomed me into the Raleigh headquarters to witness how the company builds efficiency and sustainability.

“We help our customers run their business,” Gugenheim stated. “We are there for the life cycle of your building. From design and build to completion, we guide our customers through the process. If your environment is critical and you need experts that can respond quickly and understand your systems, you call Piedmont Service Group.”

As an economic and environmental responsibility, several organizations turn to Piedmont Service Group for guidance. The company features a highly trained staff of technicians, mechanical engineers, Certified Energy Managers and LEED accredited professionals to handle any mission critical environment. The only company that offers a data center energy practitioner, Piedmont Service Group presents solutions to reduce clients' carbon footprint.

“We have a full-time dedicated crew to service our customers,” Gugenheim declared. “There are always new technologies and best practices available. As a company, we stay on top of new technology. Our job is to deliver the best solution to increase efficiency and save money.”

Piedmont Service Group utilizes predictive and preventative maintenance programs to extend the life of all systems in a customer’s building. At the end of the life of those systems, the industry leaders are able to provide dynamic cutting edge solutions.

“Our technicians are continuously trained on new offerings and trends in the industry,” Gugenheim added. “We bring in vendors constantly for our employees to experience what is available. It is not just focusing on today, but offering a long-range plan for your building.”

The learning is not limited to employees, as Piedmont Service Group and Service Logic recently launched a web-based Interactive Learning Tool. The tool is designed to give anyone a transparent, inside look into how the company preserves mission-critical facilities.

So how does an industry-leader like Piedmont Service Group build efficiency and sustainability? By learning something new each and every day.