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Decisions. We make them everyday. Good, bad, necessary or right - we are forever deciding. For a guide to making the best possible decision or the right call, look no further than Starr Service Company.

Founded in 1928, Raymond Starr started Starr Electric Company as a one-man operation in Greensboro, NC. Today, the company has grown to a premier service provider with multiple locations from the mountains to the coast of North Carolina and South Carolina.

As the oldest electrical contractor in the Old North State, it is no mistake why customers continue to rely on the Starr Companies. Brian MacDougall, general manager, sat down with me to describe what differentiates Starr Service Company from its competition.

“We’ve been in business for 85 years,” MacDougall stated. “We are one the oldest and largest electrical contractors in the Southeast. We service nearly all of North Carolina and South Carolina. We’ve grown to specialize in a variety of trades.”

Starr Service Company offers residential and commercial plumbing, heating and air conditioning and electrical services. In addition, the Starr Companies specialize in construction for residential, commercial or industrial customers. No matter the size of a project, Starr Service Company has evolved through a commitment to quality and safety.

“We are family-owned and operated,” explained MacDougall. “It’s now in the third generation and we’ve been able to build relationships over the years. We can make the decisions we feel are right for the customer. We are able to provide more attention to the customer and enhance the customer experience.”

The attention directed towards the customer translates into several amounts of repeat business. Starr Service Company aids a variety of clients across the Carolinas, including WalMart, Starbucks and R.R. Donnelley. As an established Progress Energy Partner, MacDougall and his staff have the expertise and craftsmanship to ensure the job is done right.

“Our company is extremely safe,” continued MacDougall. “We have several safety certifications and programs for all our technicians and staff. We are firm believers in education. If there are new technologies or protocols specific to a trade, we will train our technicians.”

To further a commitment to the customer, Starr Service Company takes advantage of mobile technology and GPS systems. The choice of technology, combined with the experience and knowledge, allows Starr Service to create efficiency and better serve the customer.

“All of our technicians have iPads and it saves us time,” continued MacDougall. “We are all digital and completely paperless. We save time with GPS on the trucks and quickly reroute technicians. We can take photos and within seconds we can view it here in the office.”

Starr Service Company is the right call. Why? For the last 85 years, the company has been making the best possible decision for you, the customer.