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The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Now imagine that line is no longer straight. It can move and change daily. What is the most efficient route? For a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, L & M Transportation Services (LMTS) tests this idea each and every day.

Started as a produce brokerage partnership between Bob Logan and Joe McGee in 1964, LMTS has evolved into an innovator of regional, national, and international transportation, warehousing, and distribution solutions. The company has evolved with locations all over the country to serve several affiliates, carriers and customers.

As a third-party provider, the business operates in three divisions across produce, nursery and dry freight and freight management. Joe Burke, sales marketing analyst, accompanied me in their Raleigh (NC) headquarters to illustrate why LMTS is a leader in the industry.

“Our relationship with people always comes first,” Burke explained. “We have a number of years in the business. If you look at the customers we serve like WalMart and U.S. Food, it speaks for itself. We have a success model that every employee lives and breathes each day.”

To become the first choice in every market LMTS serves, employees invest in the ethics and morals of the company. The success model translates into a variety of awards and accolades, including recognition as a Top 10 Innovator by Food Logistics Magazine. The model is a blueprint for how the company is always focused on that vision.

“The largest success factor for us is always looking forward,” Burke added. “A newly created division, freight management or LMTS Plus, is an example of that. It is about continuous improvement, using truckload consolidation and pool distribution.”

As the LMTS continues to grow, the demands from customers and carriers also increase. The company has a group of dispatchers monitoring loads and rotating on-call around the clock. For a behind the scenes view of the moving parts of the industry, check out a day in the life on the traditional side of LMTS.

“It is important to always be connected,” stated Burke. “Most of the company works as a team-based atmosphere. The communication can come through text messages, emails or phone calls. You need to know what is moving today and what is moving tomorrow.”

The forward-thinking approach means taking advantage of new technologies to create value for customers, carriers and affiliates. LMTS recently released a new smart-phone application, TransFlo Express and $Velocity from Pegasus TransTech, to process payments and paperwork faster for carriers. The adoption of web-based and GPS technology demonstrates why LMTS is an innovator in the industry.

“Dispatchers will use Google Docs to stay organized,” Burke expounded. “An advantage is to respond in real-time and quickly offer solutions for our customers. With certain carriers, we use electronic data interchange (EDI) systems to track loads similar to how you would track a package being delivered to your house.”

For more information about LMTS . . . the company encourages you to join the LMTS Facebook Page, link up on LinkedIn, follow LMTS on twitter and YouTube, read the Road Worrier or sign-up for the Traffic Signal newsletter.

So when that line is no longer straight and you need to create efficiency, choose LMTS. With unyielding integrity, LMTS always delivers solutions and creates value.