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Invested in the Fundamentals - Basic Plumbing, Inc.
Basic Plumbing, Inc.

Decisions are all about give and take. One trade off in exchange for another. When it comes to fundamentals, there is no such thing as give and take. Basic Plumbing operates on that mentality, reaping the benefits for over 40 years.

Since 1972, Basic Plumbing has been satisfying home and business owners of the Triangle (NC). Operating out of Garner, NC, the business continues to evolve by investing in the fundamentals. Mark Brown, who grew up with the business, welcomed me into his office to detail the history of the company.

“We’ve been on Mechanical Boulevard since 1972,” Brown recanted. “We are family-owned and operated. Mom, dad still and younger brothers all work in the business. We’ve evolved throughout the last 40 years, but still operate on a old-school philosophy.”

The old school philosophy is ingrained in every employee of Basic Plumbing. From when a customer first calls in to after service is complete, the company gives every customer the personal attention he or she deserves. Basic Plumbing offers each customer a quality assurance guarantee to stand behind that attention.

“We provide quality work at a fair price,” stated Brown. “Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. We always want a customer to call us back and tell their neighbor or co-workers to call us.”

Basic Plumbing understands the devotion to the customer might not pay off right away, but it is fundamental to the success of the business. The attention increases the chances for a home or business owner to recommend the company’s service or call back again.

The family-run company offers a variety of services for residential or commercial customers. The recent work of the new construction division of Basic Plumbing includes completion of custom plumbing systems for schools in the area. For repair and drain jobs, the company demonstrates the fundamental of personal attention by offering all service by appointment.

The service division works with the customer, whether it’s first thing in the morning or after hours, to schedule a convenient appointment slot. In the past few years, Basic Plumbing has utilized GPS technology to more efficiently cover all of the Triangle (NC) and surrounding areas.

“Since implementing the new system, it has made us more efficient in response time,” added Brown. “We utilize multiple reports and geo-fencing of locations. A direct benefit is it allows us to be more accurate and organized in other areas of our work.”

In addition, Basic Plumbing has transitioned all of its technicians to smart phones to streamline operations. Brown continued, “the more information we have available for the technician, the better the attention we can provide to the customer. The new technology gives us that ability for better preparation and service.”

Investments to the fundamentals need to be made long before you see any sign that they are paying off. At Basic Plumbing, that investment is going on 40 plus years.