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Live and Breathe it. All of us become immersed in one thing or another in our life. Work, music or serving others. Allen Kelly & Company lives and breathes one thing. An unmatched commitment to customers.

For a quarter century, Allen Kelly & Company has been proudly serving the Triangle (NC) and surrounding areas. The business is an established leader in the heating and air conditioning industry with an outstanding reputation for quality service. Brett Chappell, sales and marketing manager, invited me into the company’s 29,000 square foot Raleigh facility to describe the history of Allen Kelly & Company.

“What started as a sheet metal shop, has grown into trusted heating and air company,” Chappell explained. “We are dedicated to our customers and built relationships over the years. We have a large commercial presence, serve many businesses or organizations in the area including the buildings of several local municipalities.”

Allen Kelly & Company employs highly qualified technicians across three divisions - residential service and replacement, commercial service and replacement and building services. The building service division provides preventative maintenance and general contracting services for the North Carolina and South Carolina Postal Offices. Each division has evolved through a proven system and it is clear why customers continue to rely on Allen Kelly & Company.

“We really take care of our customers,” Chappell said. “We live and breathe it. We truly stand behind our customers and work. Our referral rate is extremely high because we exceed our customer’s expectations.” “Our mission is to build a family of more than satisfied customers.”

The company services all brands and sells only the top brands in the country, including Trane, Carrier and Lennox. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, Allen Kelly & Company is a licensed dealer and can recommend the perfect heating and cooling system for your home or office. One that is custom tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

Chappell and the team at Allen Kelly & Company treat each customer as a partner. The goal is not only to service your equipment, but offer options and create efficiencies that lower energy costs as well as increasing comfort.

Servicing residential, commercial and industrial customers keeps the company on the road throughout the day. Over the last 25 years, Allen Kelly & Company has learned how to effectively communicate with technicians, the warehouse and the office. The company uses web-based technology and mobile devices to easily exchange information.

“We try to keep our technicians as informed as possible,” Chappell added. “Each technician has an iPad or laptop, and directly receives work orders to their mobile device. We also use GPS technology to track our vehicles and it allows us to quickly prioritize jobs.”

Allen Kelly & Company even incentivizes technicians to purchase their own iPad, to create more value for their employees and company. Chappell continued, “it is a great communication tool. Our crew captures photos and notes with the device, it gives us a whole new level of technical ability that we didn’t have before. It is always a moving target in our business and situations change quickly. It helps us stay connected.”

All employees of Allen Kelly & Company are constantly connected and working towards one goal. A commitment to the customer. You could even say they live and breathe it.