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Got to the Heart of a Local Business - Alamance Oil Company
Alamance Oil Company

Prized possessions. We all have one or two. Well, maybe more like three of four. Alamance Oil Company has thousands and thousands of prized possessions. Each one is a loyal customer and the heart of the community-oriented company. Each one worth fighting for.

Started in 1942, Alamance Oil has been providing first class customer service ever since. As part of a conglomerate, Alamance Oil and Carolina Fuels operate under Berico Fuels in Greensboro, NC. Together the three partners have countless years of experience in serving the Triad (NC) and surrounding areas.

Alamance OIl primarily provides home heating oil delivery, propane gas, motor oil, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, gas logs and heating and air conditioning service to the area. As a long-time leader in the fuel industry and general manager of Alamance Oil, Greg Eanes sat down with to point out what differentiates the company from others in the area.

“We are a local company with a local roots,” Eanes beamed. “Berico is a family-owned company. We recognize our customers when they walk in the door. We are the only heating and fuel company in the area that has our own in-house heating and air conditioning service.”

In addition, Alamance Oil provides delivery of off-road diesel and welcomes customers into their downtown Burlington store. Open 10 hours a day, the company receives a lot of walk-in traffic and many customers stop by to say hello. The conglomerate is always dependable and the heating and cooling service works around the clock to cover customers from Greensboro to Eden to Burlington (NC).

“Alamance Oil and our partners are always readily accessible,” expounded Eanes. “If you need after hours service for an emergency situation, we can accommodate you. We have a live answering service out of Greensboro that answers calls and in a matter of minutes will contacts us to dispatch a technician.”

As oil prices fluctuate daily and with a large and growing customer base, Alamance Oil must monitor the temperature and commodity exchange constantly. To keep customers comfortable, all partners use a reliable system to accurately determine when a customer will need their next delivery.

“We work off what is a called a degree-day system,” added Eanes. “Every morning, from the day before, we take the mean temperature in relation to 65 degrees. The difference is the amount of heating degrees. We put that in our computer system, use a K-factor and customer history to determine when we need to make our next delivery for that customer.”

Alamance Oil also gives customers the flexibility to schedule fuel delivery or service online. Each partner implements new technology and proven systems to effectively serve their designated territory. Eanes added, “we are in constant contact with our workers. We rely on a two-way radio daily. It is an open-channel with our office and drivers out in the field.”

“We also make use of GPS technology to keep track of our fleet,” Eanes continued. There are a tremendous amount of reports that make us more efficient and reliable.”

How does Alamance Oil keep building a loyal customer base? Treating each customer like a prize and remaining always dependable. It is the heart of their business.