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Thornton's Heating and Air Conditioning

Pass the Torch. Tim Thornton is a second-generation business owner. When his father relinquished the company, Thornton inherited thousands of customers and a thriving business. More importantly, he gained a guiding principle. At Thornton’s Heating and Air Conditioning, quality starts at home . . . your home.

For the last 38 years, Thornton’s Heating and Air Conditioning has been a one stop shop for all of your heating and cooling needs. The Graham, NC company provides expert service across Alamance, Caswell, Guilford, Randolph, Orange and Chatham counties (NC). Thornton invited me into his office to detail why customers call Thornton’s Heating and Air Conditioning.

“First, we have a ton of experience,” Thornton explained. “After 38 years of business, we are a trusted company. We are proud of our name. We are a second generation company. We have a lot of longtime and repeat customers because of excellent service.”

Thornton employs a group of highly-trained technicians and a sales staff to handle any size job in the area. The company offers residential and commercial service, from installation to repair or replacement to preventative maintenance. With a ton of experience and a mastery of his trade, Thornton has witnessed the evolution of the heating and cooling industry.

“Everything is headed towards high-efficiency,” Thornton added. “We’ve really seen an increase in high efficiency heat pumps over the years. There is new technology to maintain indoor air quality, like AirAdvice systems.”

Thornton’s Heating and Air Conditioning informs customers of the importance of indoor air quality and new products to help identify dangerous environments. The majority of Americans spend roughly 90 percent of their time indoors, where levels of pollutants in the air could be two or five times higher. To mitigate potential equipment issues, Thornton encourages every customer to have a pre-season tune up.

“We use service agreements to educate our customers about new systems,” Thornton elaborated. “If you maintain your equipment twice a year it will yield instant energy savings, efficiencies and noticeable comfort. By neglecting your heating and air systems, you can be at risk for many health issues.”

Providing service across seven counties in the area, means Thornton’s Heating and Air Conditioning has a lot of ground to cover. To guarantee a quality experience, technicians are available seven days a week. Each member of the crew carries a smart-phone to quickly communicate with customers and the office.

“We dispatch our technicians via text messages or a phone call,” Thornton expounded. “We see immediate efficiencies with using smart phones. We log every call and maintain customer history to know what to anticipate at the next job location. And we can take photos to allow us to easily diagnose problems.”

A generation later, quality starts in the same place it did almost 40 years ago. At home . . . your home.