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Comfort Engineers

In our hectic lives we are forever on a quest for comfort. Whether shoes, clothes, chairs, a salary or our environment - we want all to be comfortable. As the seasons change, sometimes we need help to find that comfort zone. Through invaluable years experience, Comfort Engineers and Mike Garrard are here to help.

Since 1955, Comfort Engineers has been serving Durham, Pittsboro, Chapel Hill (NC) and surrounding areas. Over the last five decades, the local company has built a glowing reputation in the industry by operating on traditional values of accountability, honesty and integrity. As a seasoned veteran in the heating and cooling industry, Garrard sat down with me to explain how the company has grown.

“We’ve been around a long time and earned respect in the industry,” Garrard stated. “We specialize in large commercial projects and sophisticated systems. One of the reasons we started a residential service was because so many commercial customers asked if we could perform the same service on their house.”

Comfort Engineers is a leading mechanical contractor with an experience design/build division. The company’s past projects include Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the City of Durham. In addition, Comfort Engineers runs a full-service custom metal fabrication shop and a residential and commercial service division.

Comfort Engineers usually operates in 60-mile radius of their Durham headquarters, but some specialized jobs sometimes have international reach. Professional technicians have performed clean room projects for electronic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications across the world.

“The type of work that has took us out the farthest is clean room or labs,” Garrard explained. “We worked on a few modular lab projects. Our crew would build the labs in modules then ship the equipment aboard. A small group then travels to get everything up and running.”

On the commercial and residential side, Comfort Engineers offers 24 hours a day seven days a week emergency service. With several years of experience, the company responds to each customer’s needs with convenience by offering flat rate pricing, no trip or mileage charge and several payment options.

Comfort Engineers could have as many as 50 or more vehicles on the road at one time and implemented new technologies to keep in better communication. As part of that convenient service, the company uses GPS tracking on all vehicles and sales managers use iPads to streamline work.

“GPS helps our dispatchers know where each technician is located and determining the right one for the next job, whether the closest or most readily available,” said Garage. “I use my iPad to stay connected with a lot of our commercial systems that have internet-based control systems.”

Garrard continued by comparing the industry today to when he first started, “everything is getting so manufacturer oriented, electronic or computer based. When I first started, I could carry five parts on my truck and fix 90 percent of the furnaces out there. Now you have a specific service part and the technology to connect to electronic systems.”

The next time you are looking for comfort, remember Comfort Engineers. For the last five decades, customers have found comfort in convenient and professional service.