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ACS/Best Pressure Cleaning Company

More choices. Less time. Face it. In this day in age, you ignore most conventional advertising. But when you find true satisfaction from a service or product, you talk about it. Doug Meade has grown ACS/Best Pressure Cleaning Company through just that, word of mouth.

With over 14 years of experience, ACS/Best Pressure Cleaning Company provides remarkable service to both residential and commercial customers. Meade specializes in all types of pressure washing. Meade allowed me to join him on his farm in Hillsborough and explained his company can clean just about anything.

“Roofs, awnings, sidewalks, driveways, decks, gutters . . . we really do it all,” Meade described. “We understand that a home or business is a very big investment for our customers. We can take care of any cleaning, sealing or striping project.”

Meade provides service within a 100 mile radius of Hillsborough building a large customer base across the Triangle and Triad (NC). Best Pressure’s commercial client base includes the Town of Chapel Hill, Highwoods Properties, Bryant-Durham Electric, Croasdaile Village and Duke University. As a homeowner in the area, Meade offers a variety of residential cleaning solutions.

“Over the years we have built relationships across in the area,” Meade stated. “We carry special equipment to provide a solution for you. Residential is separated into house, decks and concrete. A commercial job can be anything from loading docks to canopies to graffiti removal.”

For any out of ordinary requests, Meade is armed with several different types of equipment. Best Pressure Cleaning carries a sandblaster, recovery system, flat machines for concrete, a roof trailer truck with specialized chemicals and the ability to provide his own hot water. Over the last 14 years, Meade has adapted his business to needs of his customers.

“There is wrong and right way to do things,” said Meade. “Roof cleaning has really changed with the growth of mold or black streaks. Some companies use too much pressure on the shingles and blow off the sheetrock. I use a special chemical pump with low pressure to cook off the mold. When it comes to cleaning, hot water makes a huge difference.”

Meade’s operation is busiest in the spring and summer months from March to October. Best Pressure Cleaning schedules recurring jobs throughout the busy season, but every job presents a different challenge. To anticipate unique needs, Meade knows the importance of always staying in contact with staff and customers.

“In our work environment, you need a rugged phone or device,” Meade described. “We’ve learned it is really important to communicate with our staff beforehand of any specific needs, like if they need to bring their own water. We always let the customer know when we are on our way and make sure they are satisfied.”

When are Meade and Best Pressure Cleaning Company at their best? You’ve probably heard from their stable and growing customer base who witnesses first-hand remarkable service. Under pressure.