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Yellow Dot Heating and Air Conditioning

Connect the dots. The needs and wants of a customer to what works to their best interest. Over a decade ago, founders Ricky Green and Gary Jacob used a combined 75 years of expertise to do just that and formed Yellow Dot Heating and Air Conditioning in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Yellow Dot is not your ordinary heating and cooling company. Norm Plummer, manager of residential change out and additions, sat down with me to detail what separates Yellow Dot from other companies.

“We’ve been around for over 10 years,” Plummer explained. “We’ve built relationships and our new construction business is a well-oiled machine. We do it at a very fair price and we do it well. We try to do right by the customer.”

Whether you own a home or business, or you are building a new space, Yellow Dot is there. The company operates out of Raleigh and Hillsborough, NC offices to provide several heating and cooling services including repair, replacement, accessories, preventative maintenance and commercial and new construction design. As a customer, Yellow Dot always put you first and matches your needs to the right service.

“Yellow Dot’s work is 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed,” Plummer beamed. “If we put equipment in your house today and down the road if something isn’t working well and we can’t make it right, we will give you your money back. It really comes down to taking care of the customer.” Yellow Dot technicians have a three step process - listen, advise and follow through.

The company recognizes that not all customers are the same and pays careful attention to the specific wants and needs of a customer. After gathering information, technicians recommends the best course of action and visit your home or business to provide the right service. To follow through, Yellow Dot utilizes preventative maintenance agreements to educate customers and offer options for ways to improve your heating and cooling needs.

With a seasoned staff, Yellow Dot appreciates new technology and how it can create efficiency. Plummer elaborated on the huge benefits of GPS tracking, “it is a great tool for all divisions of our company. The ability to easily locate technicians, track time and schedule technicians more effectively are big advantages.”

Another element that will help transform the Yellow Dot business is equipping technicians with mobile devices with built in cameras. “Photos help us learn and be better prepared,” Plummer expounded. “It will really come in handy in our commercial department. With multiple units on a roof, you can spend an hour searching for the right one to service. A photo can help determine which one is giving us trouble to service.”

Since 2002, Yellow Dot Heating and Air Conditioning has built its business around the customer. Connecting the dots between what works best in industry.