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In many of life’s instances, you have to learn to just go with the flow. And sometimes, when you find yourself in a plumbing predicament, you have no other choice. Triangle Plumbing and Backflow can diagnose, repair or replace any plumbing problem. Whether above ground or below, let them control the flow.

As owner and founder, Brian Mountain and his staff took me behind the scenes to explain just that - how his company controls the flow. Started in 2000, Triangle Plumbing and Backflow has developed from a one-man operation into a squad of professional technicians. Mountain built his company on simple principles.

“Creating quality plumbing systems and providing reliable service,” Mountain stated. “We have established our customer base over time and grown exponentially over the last 12 years. We cover a lot of ground in the Triangle and the Triad (NC).”

To reach more customers and meet demands, the company opened another office in Greensboro five years ago. Triangle Plumbing and Backflow handles both residential and commercial plumbing problems. Mountain attributes the company’s growth to prompt service and educating each customer on methods to prevent future issues.

“A major difference is we are a family owned business,” Mountain described. “We provide the service that the customer needs, we do not take advantage of the customer. Our philosophy is to share knowledge with clients to avoid problems down the road.”

Triangle Plumbing and Backflow offers a variety of services ranging from video inspection drain cleaning to sewer line repair to gas line installation to tankless water heaters. On the commercial side, technicians predominantly perform backflow device certification and restaurant plumbing services. Each truck is setup for specialty services, but also fully stocked and versatile enough to crossover into other areas of work.

The business provides a two-hour window for appointments and technicians remain in constant contact with the office and the customer. Offering service 24 hours seven days a week, at any given time the professional crew is dispersed all over the NC Triangle and Triad. In the past year, Triangle Plumbing and Backflow has equipped each employee with a smartphone and utilized new technology to better lines of communication.

“Since implementing new technology we are more organized,” Mountain described. “There is a lot less paperwork. It used to be very hard to figure out the location and availability of one of our technicians. It speeds up our business and allows for real-time updates throughout the day.”

Mountain and his staff are conscious of the customer’s perspective, “we try to get someone to you as quick as possible and understand how an inconvenience impacts your day.” Triangle Plumbing and Backflow encourages customers to contact them online through the companies website, where you can find several special offers.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Or you can let Triangle Plumbing and Backflow help.