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What defines the culture of a company? Casual Friday’s or free lunch Wednesday’s? It’s not what you think. At Schwartz Plumbing, it is a unique combination of processes and priorities that translates into unmatched customer service.

Founded in 1991 by Stuart Schwartz, the company welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your plumbing needs. Schwartz Plumbing capitalizes on those opportunities with prompt, courteous and excellent service. As owner and operator, Stuart is always available to speak or meet with customers.

“We have been in business for over 23 years,” Schwartz explained. “After working a few jobs out of college, I knew I was really good with my hands and decided to get into the plumbing business. I saw an opportunity to provide quality and professional service.”

The rest is history. The Schwartz Plumbing business took off and grew from a one-man operation to a crew of professional technicians. Every technician undergoes rigorous training on new products and presents helpful, honest information to the customer. The goal of the company is to satisfy you, so all work performed by Schwartz Plumbing is guaranteed.

“We have built a company culture of doing it the right way,” Schwartz beamed. “We are not going to cut corners to save a dollar or penny. We stick to our principles and try to give a good value for what we do.”

To differentiate from other plumbing companies, Schwartz Plumbing delivers direct marketing to your house. For the last 23 years, the company has been ahead of the curve by addressing letters to homeowners in the Triangle and providing a resource for when they encounter a plumbing problem. Schwartz Plumbing serves the entire Triangle area with prompt and honest service.

“Our technicians are experienced, but also very dynamic,” Schwartz detailed. “I am not going to hire someone that I wouldn’t want in my house. Each technician is clean-cut, fully licensed and insured. A few of my technicians have been working here for 15 years. All our trained to provide several different types of service.”

Schwartz Plumbing offers a basket of services including general plumbing repairs, remodeling, drain cleaning, water and sewer line replacement, fixture replacement and water heater installation. Technicians provide a one-hour window for service calls to show the business values your time. To protect that level of service, Schwartz Plumbing has been using GPS systems to track their vehicles for the last 10 years.

“Communication is really important,” stated Schwartz. “Between the customer, homeowner and the office. GPS is a great tool for us. Each technician works in a specific zone and it allows us to see where our technicians are located and prioritize calls. The system also tracks all of our technicians time.”

For the last 23 years, Stuart Schwartz has established Schwartz Plumbing through prompt, courteous and excellent service to satisfy customers. Technicians and other employees have followed that common goal so frequently and successfully, they do not even have to think about doing it another way. It’s the right way. It’s the company culture.