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Practice what you preach. The mission of NC Green Plumbing is to increase adoption of more efficient and sustainable plumbing systems. That is why owners Susan McDaniel and Pat Smith utilize green plumbing products in their home to save water, energy and money.

Opening over three years ago, NC Green Plumbing specializes in green and sustainable plumbing products and installations. Located in Carrboro, the local company provides repair, replacement and remodeling services. Everything about the emerging business is green, except for the staff’s experience.

“We have the experience necessary to help our customers,” McDaniel stated. “I am a third generation plumber. At one time there were nine plumbing licenses throughout my extended family. I started doing plumbing work at 11 years old. It really does run in the family.”

Environmental alliances coupled with experience have allowed NC Green Plumbing to grow. The business is an affiliate of GreenPlumbersUSA, a national training and accreditation program that assists plumbers in understanding their role in the environment. NC Green Plumbing is also a advocate of WaterSense and ENERGY STAR, partnership programs of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

“Our specialty is energy and water efficiency,” McDaniel added. “We are trained to work on every tankless heater out there. For that sector, we are the best to go to. We are passionate about energy and efficiency. It is great to combine that with our experience to serve this area.”

NC Green Plumbing is positioned in an area ripe for environmental awareness. McDaniel has seen an increased interest in green plumbing products from citizens of the Triangle and surrounding areas. The distinct difference between standard and green plumbing systems lies in life of the products.

“If you make the investment, these products are worth it in the long run,” McDaniel added. “We do a lot of heat pump and higher efficiency water heaters. A tankless heater has a life of 20 to 25 years. You might see that occasionally with a standard water heater, but it is the exception and not the rule. The average life of a standard tank heater is 10 years.”

NC Green Plumbing aims to educate customers about the right products to boost efficiency in their home. McDaniel extends her advice admitting, “not many people have one, but I have a favorite toilet. The one-gallon per gallon Kohler toilet outperforms any other toilet. Using only one gallon, you can’t beat that.”

As an environmentally friendly business, NC Green Plumbing recycles any materials it can to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, the local plumbing company is also making use of mobile technology.

“Each technician uses an iPad out in the field,” said McDaniel. “It helps us become more paperless. The iPad stores all of our product manuals. It also helps with route efficiencies and our driving habits to increase gas mileage.”

The next time you need plumbing assistance consider NC Green Plumbing. Why? By practicing what they preach, NC Green Plumbing has shown saving energy and water translates into saving money.