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Investigated the saying “You make a better door than a window” - Kelly Window and Door
Kelly Window & Door

Sometimes as a kid while playing in the living room I would unknowingly wonder between my father and the TV. Dad, joking, would say always say, “you make a better door than a window.” At Kelly Window and Door they make both.

Since 1994, Kelly Window and Door has been North Carolina’s choice for windows, doors and siding. Serving the Triangle and its neighboring, the contractor specializes in interior home improvements. Kelly Window and Door has built a glowing reputation through its commitment to excellent customer service.

At Kelly Window and Door, quality is a tradition. Quality materials, quality workmanship and quality communication. The tradition of quality, along with the business, runs in the family. Andrew Kelly, one of three Kelly’s on staff, welcomed me into their Cary office to detail the business that was started by his father.

“Our core services are replacement windows, replacement exterior doors and insulated vinyl siding. My father is known as the professor of windows. We do what we do very well,” Andrew expounded.

Kelly Window and Door has a proven four-step process to guide you through your home improvement project. The process starts with a free in-home consultation and concludes with a detailed investment agreement, a careful installation and follow-up. Understanding that one size does not fit all, Kelly Window and Door likes to get to know you and your home.

“We are able to provide a tailored solution for the customer,” Kelly described. “We have accounts with multiple window manufacturers. All windows are not created the same. If one window is not right for your home or project, then another window vendor can provide a better solution.”

The core services of Kelly Window and Door are not only aesthetic, but also are about making your home more comfortable. In the past year and a half, the company has added a new wrinkle in service with radiant barrier foil. Designed to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, the foil is installed on the underside of attic rafters to keep heat where it’s supposed to be all year long.

Kelly Window and Door also provides storm doors, porch railing, retractable awnings, sliding glass doors and exterior handyman service. To manage thousands of customers and custom solutions the company has embraced new technologies. The technology has assisted in quality communication with customers, especially for repair and service work.

“We are able to track which equipment is at your house and use photos to be better educated,” Kelly explained. “We can use a built-in map to schedule service calls in an organized path. We serve several counties in the area. We definitely want to run those service calls as efficiently as possible.”

Kelly Window and Door is always looking for a way to strengthen its tradition of quality. The adoption of technology is now a part of their commitment to customer service.

“We have really pushed each other to get on board with technological changes,” Kelly continued. “If you don’t move forward you are just going to sink. It has been a challenge, but it is clearly one we are overcoming. Everyone likes the advances that are being made.”