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Learned the Art of Niche Carving - Price’s Scientific Services
Price's Scientific Services

A niche. Many business strive for that perfect fit. Where a segment of the market matches the service. Price’s Scientific Services has found their niche. For the last 33 years, Price’s Scientific has been a leader in servicing specialized refrigeration and electronic controls for the research and medical communities.

Tony Price invited me into his house in Durham to explain how he grew his business from scratch. Price started working in the Cryogenic Refrigeration Division at Duke University in 1972. Seven years later, he identified a distinct need in the marketplace and started a side business. Price’s Scientific was born.

“Our business truly is a specialty niche,” Price described. “This is all we have done since 1979 and we cater to the scientific and research market. We service ultra low temperature freezers, incubators and growth chambers. All of our service technicians are factory trained with every manufacturer from here to Japan.”

Price’s Scientific grew from a self-taught business to service several companies and organizations across all of North Carolina, parts of South Carolina and Virginia. Whether an emergency call or routine maintenance, a group of service technicians is equipped to handle any needs of the customer.

“We are a 24/7 company and our business has been built on customer service,” Price proclaimed. “We are customer oriented and understand the needs of the customer. Each one of our customers’ livelihood is in these machines. We want to protect that investment of time and money.”

To match the customer’s investment, Price’s Scientific goes the extra mile. Faulty equipment will be transported back to Price’s warehouse, where technicians will repair and make adjustments. Price’s not only offers bi-annual preventative maintenance to reduce product loss and avoid system failures, but also provides emergency backup units.

“Early on we’ve secured emergency backup freezers,” Price stated. “That is what is unique about our business over all the years. We have a large fleet of emergency ultra low temperature freezers. If the customer’s unit starts to fail, we rescue them by dropping off an emergency unit to avoid any loss.”

Price’s Scientific continues to grow their business by implementing new technology. Each technician travels with an iPad to house manufacturer manuals, update service history and capture photos. The iPads are a clear advantage for exchanging information and collaborating on work.

“Every morning we have a shop meeting to review jobs and repairs,” Price explained. “We take photos with our iPads and share experiences. I want all the technicians to share their experiences from the day before as quickly as possible. I want all of us to be aware of any unusual scenarios before they happen.”

With a wealth of experience, Tony Price and Price’s Scientific anticipate the needs of the customer. Preventing problems before they happen and rescuing customers when they do. For an example of how to carve out a niche, check out Price’s Scientific Services.