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Bitting Electric

Lights out. In late October as Superstorm Sandy barreled into the east coast, an estimated 8.5 million people were without power across 21 states. Organizations all over the country offered assistance, including one of our own local companies . . . Bitting Electric.

A different kind of powerhouse, Bitting Electric has been providing power solutions to all of North Carolina since 1976. Founded by Donald G. Bitting and Donald G. Bitting Jr., the family run company delivers quality service with a personal touch. Brandon Bitting, vice president of operations, welcomed me into their Cary office and detailed the services that Bitting Electric provides to the area.

“We specialize in backup power solutions,” Bitting stated. “Generators, water systems and disaster discovery. We’ve worked heavily to help with Superstorm Sandy. We deploy, maintain and fuel generators. Companies will re-rent our equipment and we also provide backup power for cell towers.”

Bitting Electric’s disaster recovery service has provided 100% power regeneration during past storms. For a storm like Sandy that impacts a large area, the company has robust transportation to reach disaster sites and fuel over 450 portable generators. Running on diesel fuel, each generator must be refueled simultaneously 24 hours a day.

In addition to disaster recovery, Bitting Electric has evolved as an industry leader to offer multiple electrical services. The family owned company understands how quickly the needs of today’s market change. Their services include industrial and commercial installations, specialty lighting, pump stations, wastewater treatment, chiller/boiler plants and electric vehicle charging stations.

“We’ve always tried to stay up on technology and what is emerging,” Bitting beamed. “Since 2009, we have been installing electric vehicle supply equipment (ESVE) or charging stations across the Triangle. Our fresh water and wastewater niche is very involved with a lot of controls and instrumentation.”

Bitting Electric completes research to stay cognizant of emerging technology. For example, the company investigated several EVSE companies before landing on Coulomb technologies “ChargePoint” line. Bitting Electric is not only tuned into new technologies, but caters to the needs of the Triangle.

“In this area, there are a lot of agricultural experiments and chamber experiments,” Bitting described. “Losing power can mean a lot of money and time lost in those situations. There is an urgent need to have backup generators and maintain them well.”

In order to maintain generators, Bitting Electric has a crew of certified technicians. Bitting explained how the company plans preventative maintenance work utilizing new technology, “we use different mapping technologies to plot our maintenance calls each month. The key is trying to make the trip the most efficient route as possible.”

Bitting Electric is not your ordinary power company. For the last 36 years, the family owned company has adapted to the needs of the industry. Whether wastewater treatment or electric vehicle supply equipment or disaster recovery, Bitting Electric provides powerful service and a quality product.