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On The Double Locksmith

Phone. Wallet. Keys. In the digital age, we still depend on these three tangible items. But what happens when you misplace one of them? We’ve all had that sinking feeling. Locked out. Whether you car, home or business your keys are not where they are supposed to be. If your locks give you trouble, you need someone there on the double.

Fast. Secure. Safe. Reliable. Founded in 2010, that is the type of service On The Double Locksmith offers to the Triangle and surrounding areas. David and Lee Traister, owners of On The Double Locksmith, took me behind the scenes of their Durham office to describe how the company originated.

“I started working on my own in the beginning from home,” Traister said. “Now, we’ve grown in the last few years to have a group of technicians to cover the Triangle, Fayetteville, Smithfield and Greensboro.”

The family owned and operated company offers emergency service 24 hours a day seven days a week and allows you to arrange for service when you need it by appointment. Traister has built his business by offering fast response and employing quality technicians.

“We are open 24/7 and have very fast response time, we will have someone out in 30 minutes or less,” Traister exclaimed. “All of our technicians are licensed certified locksmiths or under apprenticeship programs. We take individuals with no experience and grow them in the company, teach them the trade.”

The trade includes several different services for your home, car or business including rekeying or changing of locks, broken key extraction and auto ignition repair. In addition, On The Double Locksmith offers several high security options for access control, keypad or fingerprint entry and panic or exit devices.

On The Double works closely with manufacturers across the Southeast and technicians share photos to ensure the right equipment is used for each lock situation. Traister elaborated, “a lot of time a certification sticker could be peeled or faded and you are not sure what model it is. For example, in restaurants there is a lot oil in the air or corrosive materials in the kitchen that eat and grimes all the locks.”

Traister also utilizes technology to dispatch work orders to technicians cell phones and a phone application to collect payments on site. Offering fast and reliable emergency service around the clock, technicians travel time can sometimes be greater than their service time.

“We have two jobs and first we are locksmiths,” Traister continued. “We are also drivers. We spend a lot of time on the road and we have to get there safely. I would say 50 percent of the time we are locksmiths and 50 percent of the time we are drivers.”

David and Lee Traister's business is emerging as a leader in the area because of reliable service. The next time your locks give you trouble, you know who to trust and when they will be there. On The Double Locksmith.