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Michael & Son Services knows the value of a customer. Basim Mansour inherited the family business at 18 years old after his father, Michael, suddenly passed away in 1990. A couple decades later, he carried on his father’s principles and transformed Michael & Son Services into one of the largest independent service companies in the country.

With several operations along the east coast, what started as electrical services has grown to include plumbing, heating and cooling, handyman, excavation and construction services.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Basim’s cousin, Lou Rizkallah, the general manager of the Raleigh operation. Growing up together, Lou and his cousin follow the same family principles.

“We know the value of the customer,” Lou elaborated. “We are constantly training our technicians with new technology and skills. Our level of service is about exceeding expectation. It’s about making a connection with the customer and being part of the community.”

Michael & Son takes the time necessary to respect you and your home. Each technician brings a door mat, wears shoe covers and uses a cloth to place all tools for the job in order to ensure your home stays clean.

“One thing that we stress our technicians to do is slow down,” Lou stated. “We have an old school, neighborhood tradesman mentality. We realize it is a small world and we want to take care of our customer because they are part of our community.”

Each Michael & Son location is entrenched in the local community. The Michael & Son Cares Program is all about helping others in need. You can view episodes of the reality TV show, “Helping Hands,” that showcases the program and home maintenance tips. In addition to volunteering through Habitat for Humanity and Alzheimer’s walk, Lou is on the board of the Interfaith Food Council.

“Basim is a great leader and its important to be one big family,” Lou continued. “He is the first one in the office and the last one to leave. Because of our humble beginnings, it is not an option to be part of the community, it is a duty. We’ve really try to make an impact in the community that is helping us grow.”

As the company continues to grow, Michael & Son is always looking for a way to make the customer’s experience more memorable. The independent company uses the latest technology to schedule jobs, take photos and generate work orders. Once service is scheduled, the company sends an email to the customer with a photo and short bio of the technician coming to their home.

“We operate on that old school mentality, but at the same time I like to think we are cutting edge,” Lou beamed. “Whatever is available out there to help our customers or help our technicians make experience better, we are going to look at it.”

At Michael & Son Services, it’s clear who’s in charge. It’s not Basim Mansour. It’s the customer.