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Warren-Hay Mechanical Contractors

In 1993, Larry F. Warren used decades of experience in the heating and cooling industry to start Warren-Hay Mechanical Contractors. Today, Carolinas’ Premier HVAC Company runs two operations in Hillsborough, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC.

Regardless of the size or scope of your needs, Warren-Hay guarantees it can get the job done. Carolinas’ Premier HVAC Company segments its business across commercial, residential, electrical, controls and piping, service and geothermal divisions. Warren has built his company on a quality product and customer satisfaction.

“If you take care of your customers they will take care of you,” Warren explained. “Being in business today you have to be able to be diversified. We have expanded in other areas, but we always focused on our service department and our customers.”

Warren-Hay’s commercial work includes retail spaces, county and educational buildings across the Carolinas. The company is also an industry leader in Geothermal heating and cooling, a segment of business that continues to grow in popularity. Warren-Hay offers informative content and diagrams on their website about the process that involves using the earth as your heating and cooling source.

“I have had Geothermal heating and cooling in my house for 30 years,” said Warren. “We’ve seen a real increase in the past few years. You just can’t beat the efficiency. Right now it is the most cost-effective way to heat and cool your house. The output is as good or better and the energy savings is terrific.”

With daily reports and routine meetings, Warren knows the pulse of the company’s service. Carolinas’ Premier HVAC Company uses flat-rate pricing to be upfront with customers before work is done. If Warren sees a trend, he meets with his technicians to embrace a new efficiency or to rectify a common problem.

“All of our technicians are trained weekly,” Warren stated. “There is always something new to learn and a way to improve. I want the customers to get what they have paid for. Our dispatchers constantly communicate with our customers to try to arrive at a specific time.”

The company values your time and customers rave about their service. Technicians are always on call at Warren-Hay, whether the weekend, a holiday or after business hours. Over the last 20 years, Warren-Hay has implemented new technologies and logistics to grow business.

“We have had to change the way we do things,” Warren elaborated. “You have to be more efficient with what you do. You have to watch everything, with 50 vehicles on the road when gas prices rise, it has an impact.”

Larry F. Warren is plugged into his company. He knows where Warren-Hay has been and where it’s going. He knows where efficiencies have to come from. And sometimes, when it comes to his business, those efficiencies come from the ground up.