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Lee Air Conditioning

For over 60 years, customers of Lee Air have been able to breathe easy. Built on quality family service, the company is a leading provider of heating, ventilation and air conditioning since 1951.

Joe Lee, President of Lee Air, invited Jason and me into his office in Durham to explain what separates Lee Air from other heating and cooling companies. Lee A/C was originally founded by Joe’s father.

“We have longevity in the business,” Lee said. “We’ve made adjustments around here to succeed over the years. We are service oriented and work to help prevent problems.”

Today, Lee Air operates two additional segments of business to further serve North Carolina from the Triangle to the coast. An installation company, Allied Installation (Morehead City, NC), and sheet metal business, Custom Sheet Metal (Durham, NC), allow Lee Air to provide more services to customers.

The company is also a full-line Carrier authorized dealer, Trane strategic partner and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certified (LEED). Each Lee Air technician is required to pass the North American Technician Excellence Exam.

Lee Air always provides long-term care for any of the systems that are installed. The company offers customers a preventative maintenance and care program, that includes a thorough inspection, cleaning and filter replacement. In turn, customers are awarded priority if something goes wrong with their system.

Whether it is a home or business, Lee Air service technicians are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. With thousands of long-time customers, Lee stressed the importance of sending the right technician for the right job.

“We do designate certain service technicians for some types of work,” Lee stated. “I’m not doing you justice as a customer if I’m not sending someone who is familiar with your system. We assign a service technician who knows exactly where to go and what the unit looks like.”

A LEED certification is not the only sign that Lee Air cares about our environment and its future. Lee Air is also making use of new technologies to become more paperless and reduce fuel costs. The company’s office staff scans work orders and encourages employees in the field to take pictures of their work.

“Instead of spending a whole lot of time going back and forth to a job site, a photo can tell us how it was installed, model and serial number of the unit,” added Lee. “That way we can price it up without too much traveling to and from. I know how it’s going to be installed and how hard it is going to get to the job depending on the location.”

For over 60 years, Lee Air has weathered all temperature and industry changes. How? By maintaining a standard of quality. And don’t worry, because Lee Air is looking forward to continuing that service for another half century. You can breathe easy.