The Aluminum Company of North Carolina
Remodeled Customer Service - The Aluminum Company of N.C.
The Aluminum Company of North Carolina

A sign of remarkable customer service is whether, after a interaction, the customer would recommend you to a friend. Since 1961, thousands of satisfied customers have been raving about the service of The Aluminum Company of North Carolina. As the leading provider of professional home improvement services to the North Carolina “Triangle” and surrounding areas, quality and service make the difference.

Over 50 years ago, Melvin Monsein started building a small home improvement company on a commitment to excellence. After growing up in his father’s business, Jeff bought the company from his father in 1984. Today, as owner and president, Jeff Monsein believes in that commitment to excellence and backs it up with unmatched service.

“If there is a problem with our service we stand behind it, whether the day after or five or 10 or 20 years after,” Monsein explained. “Service is a big deal. We are always stressing to our employees to take ownership of a problem and address it. We aren’t perfect, but we just try to do what we say we will.”

The Aluminum Company of North Carolina offers lifetime warranties on all its work - whether its siding, gutters, downspouts, roofing, awnings or windows. Several employees provide office and mobile contact information to easily allow customers to address any concerns. The Aluminum Company does not require deposits or payments of any kind before the work is fully complete.

“In our industry, most companies get deposits and drag out the job and don’t get it done,” Monsein added. “We want our customers to pay us when they are satisfied. We do walkthroughs with all of customers upon completion and make sure everybody is happy. Details are important. If there’s loose end, we take care of it.”

Monsein took us behind the scenes, giving Jason and me a tour of his operations in Durham. The Aluminum Company encourages customers to tour their spacious showroom and meet with staff to find a custom remodeling solution. Knowing the clientele is more educated today, Monsein has utilized technology to enhance that commitment to quality service.

“I always look for ways to stay on top of what we are selling,” stated Monsein. “Now, our salesman use iPads to help customers make the right choice during the remodeling process. We use GPS to track all of our company trucks, scan documents and send pictures back in forth.”

Why do customers recommend The Aluminum Company of North Carolina? The answer is always consistent. Quality products. Service beyond the sale. Home after home. Year after Year.