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Learned a Thing or Two About Shooting Straight - The Water Specialist
The Water Specialist

Ray Sparrow is a straight shooter. You always know where you stand with him. It’s refreshing. And since 1972, as President of The Water Specialist, Ray has built the reputation of his business on old-fashioned honesty.

Fast. Reliable. Experienced. Knowledgeable. That’s how customers describe the services of The Water Specialist. The company strives to be the absolute best through highly trained and skilled employees.

Located in Hillsborough, NC, The Water Specialist can handle any of your water troubles over the tri-state area of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The Water Specialist has the experience, training and knowledge necessary to fix the problem - whether it’s no water, well or pump problems, or bad water quality.

“Bottom line is if you take care of the customer, then the customer is going to take care of you,” stated Sparrow. “You just can’t lose focus on taking care of the customer. Our philosophy is to satisfy every single interaction with the customer.”

The Water Specialist has diversified business by recognizing niche markets, including well water restoration services. Over half of North Carolina state residents rely on well water, so maintaining and repairing wells is vital. As an industry leader, The Water Specialist uses a process called hydro-cleaning to repair a well that is no longer producing water.

Sparrow has grown his business through proven systems. The company’s website is extremely helpful, showing their extensive track record and answers to frequent questions on a variety of topics. The Water Specialist tracks every phone call to know where its business is coming from and where it is going.

“We have created a system to aggressively grow our business,” Sparrow explained. “It is a rapidly changing world and you have to continue to evolve. What a business was doing a year ago may not be successful today.”

Jason and I introduced Four Dispatch, agreeing that the technology used to develop the product was not even available a two years ago. Sparrow is aware of the direct impact technology can have in the evolution of a business. Today, The Water Specialist uses GPS to track vehicles, paper work orders and cell phones to dispatch technicians.

“We are committed to getting better at what we do,” he said. “Software must be designed with the end user’s point of view in mind. That goes back to the ease of use. It has to be simple.”

Why is the reputation of The Water Specialist so strong? It’s simple. Straight shooting, honest service with an absolute commitment to the customer.