Bryant-Durham Electric Company, Inc.
Uncovered a Local Powerhouse -­ Bryant-Durham Electric Company
Bryant-Durham Electric Company, Inc.

Bryant-Durham is not your average electrical company. For the last five decades, the full-service powerhouse has been providing specialized solutions to local customers, the United States Armed Forces and new construction projects all over of the Southeast United States. Whether electrical, HVAC, refrigeration or security needs Bryant-Durham is committed to excellent service, every time.

Founded in 1960, the growing company has evolved into the largest electrical contractor in the Triangle. Over the years, they have been honored to work with U.S. Armed Forces on some of their largest North Carolina based construction projects. Today, Bryant-Durham operates under four different divisions - main construction and services (Durham) and construction (Jacksonville, NC and Fayetteville, NC).

“We’ve worked on military construction projects for years around both Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg,” president Steve Fanney stated. “We made the investment to open branch offices in those locations to better support local projects.”

Bryant Durham’s electrical construction business spans six states. A few notable examples of their local work includes: Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital, Durham Performing Arts Center, Durham American Tobacco Campus, UNC School of Law Van Heck-Wettach Hall, Duke Children’s Hospital, Special Operations Forces Medical Training Center and the Streets at Southpoint Mall (Durham).

Fanney and vice president of field operations, Richard Jones, described their workflow for their services division. “We use a GPS tracking system for all of our trucks,” said Jones. “We dispatch our technicians from mostly phone calls, but we also use text messages.”

Jason and I introduced Four Dispatch as it relates to not only the services division needs of Bryant-Durham, but also their construction needs. The company is always open to new technology and has evolved over a half-century with that philosophy. The work requires rugged hardware due to the ever-changing environment.

“We work in a harsh environment, we are out in the cold, wet and in the dirt,” Fanney defined. “Our guys aren’t going into a finished building, we are making the building. It is a slow evolution technology wise because our work is so specialized. It is tough to find a product that fits our need.”

Conversely, at Bryant-Durham, it is easy to find a service to fit your need. Far from average, Bryant-Durham is a leader in electrical industry for civilian, new construction and military projects. There’s a reason. Hard working, highly trained, professional employees that provide unmatched customer service.