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Sparrow and Sons Plumbing and Heating

Just blocks down the road from the Four Dispatch office we found a company that truly values quality work at a fair price. Since 1942, that is exactly what Sparrow and Sons Plumbing and Heating has provided to Carrboro, Durham, Pittsboro and entire Triangle area. Now operating in the fourth generation of family, Jonathan Sparrow invited Jason and I into his office to learn more about the history of the company.

“I grew up in this building and plumbing is all our family has ever known,” Jonathan explained. “We’ve always prided ourselves on being the best, my dad thought of our slogan - The World’s Greatest Plumbers. It’s really just an attention grabber but that is what we have always prided ourselves on being the best.”

From one generation to another, Sparrow and Sons strives to satisfy every customer with professional and prompt service. Sparrow and Sons is unlike many other companies in the area.

“We are the only company in the area that does not offer a flat rate price because it misgauges the service. Our prices are based on the actual work that gets done, not an estimate. We want to be fair and our customers appreciate that.”

Jonathan explained the company’s biggest challenge today is improving efficiency. As an established service company, he navigated us through their workflow from when a customer requests service to the time the job is complete. Jonathan described the most important needs for his industry and we discussed how it relates to the development of Four Dispatch.

“We try to schedule our calls to fit with the convenience of the customer,” said Jonathan. “Each one of our guys arrives in the morning and picks up his cards for the day. Every vehicle has a radio and we use text messaging to communicate any changes in the schedule.”

Sparrow and Sons has used the same system for last 50 years, but is eager to incorporate new technology into their workflow. Jonathan acknowledged the high cost of fuel, expressing “some of my servicemen might get three tanks of gas per week.” He also recognizes that keeping up with all the paperwork from their customers is a real challenge.

“We have a problem tracking our customers history in one place,” he elaborated. “At the beginning of each day, we make sure all the jobs from the previous day match up with our cards and sometimes it does not. A lot of things like that can be helped with a computer system.”

With 70 years of experience in the service industry, Jonathan conveyed the importance of maintaining pace when you’re always on the move. Sparrow and Sons not only keeps up, but sets the pace with quality work at a fair price. Generation after generation.