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Redefined Company Loyalty - CWJ Heating and Air Conditioning
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David Radford started working at CWJ Heating and Air Conditioning as a summer job during high school. 40 years later, he is still committed to the company as co-owner and operations manager. Run by a family of long-term employees, CWJ attributes their success to commitment.

CWJ offers customers a Planned Maintenance Agreement, where a technician checks and services your equipment twice a year. Once in the heating season and once in the cooling season, CWJ assures that you are comfortable in your home or at work. In return, if additional service is needed customers receive a 10% discount on all parts and labor.

David went on to describe that commitment, “90 percent of our work is by referrals, we’ve been around awhile and we do a good job. It is something that we’ve built over the years.”

At CWJ, the commitment to the customer extends beyond maintenance and service. David explained to Jason and I how the heating and cooling industry is always changing. New technology and trade skills can really benefit the consumer.

“We do a pretty good job of educating our guys by sending them to workshops and it pays back,” said David. “It has been a requirement for our trade in the past. Technology is always changing, the basic premise is still there, but the principle of how you do it changes on a regular basis.”

We went on to discuss Four Dispatch and how CWJ dispatches its technicians. Using two-way radios and texting messaging, each technician focuses on a certain area of the Triangle. CWJ relies on their experience and knowing each one of their customers to anticipate scheduling new jobs.

“We still operate on a old school mentality today,” said David. “When our technicians leave in the morning they have a list of jobs for the day and they call into the office after every job. Our phone system helps more in line with after hours service.”

When a customer calls in after hours and leaves a message, it pages a CWJ technician with a text. The technician then listens to the message and calls the customer. CWJ technicians often use their mobile phones to take photos of completed jobs and send them back to the office to better understand certain issues.

David and CWJ have been around awhile. David exclaimed, “This is a very fun job, as long as you enjoy what you are doing and love what you’re doing it’s a fun job.” CWJ Heating and Air Conditioning defines loyalty the same way David has for 40 years. With commitment. Commitment to their customers, their skills and each other.